Austin and Justin are absolutely my guardian angels of the wee morning. I am sincerely grateful that these two young men pulled up on me whenever they did. The fact that they came and were able to successfully do what two other mechanics couldn't do (that has had me waiting for over 6 hours in a parking lot) ... I am again beyond grateful/amazed that they were able to show up (excuse me) but in a damn good amount of time and get the work order done within 10 minutes. These guys are super quick on their feet, super kind and really good at what they do. I won't be doing business with any other towing company.

Miko Richards

When my vehicle got stuck in the ice/snow, Austin came and got me back on the road. He arrived within 15 minutes of me calling him, while all the other companies I had tried contacting, gave me a 3-hr wait time. He was very polite, and I didn't even have to exit my vehicle during the whole process. Great work!

I Adam

Austin you are the man, thank you for coming out at 1 in the morning, 2 degrees, when multiple other towing company's gave me a run around, he showed up fast an knew what he was doing, put his truck to the test an towed my truck and trailer, dropped trailer at my house then dropped truck off at shop, I can't think you enough for what you did for me, I'm forever grateful, you are a good man, thanks for your service, very reasonable price, didn't feel like I was taking advantage of in any way , thank you

Clinton Lowen

I used Suburban to move my classic car. The driver was knowledgeable and took care while transporting. He even helped position the car in the garage for us. This is a wrecker and not a roll back but Suburban got the job done for a good price.

Brad W

Austin happened to be driving by at the time of my accident and graciously offered his services right away. He towed my car and gave us a ride back home, and was very kind and gave me advice that I needed on what to do with my damaged vehicle. I couldn't be more thankful and grateful for his help and perfect timing!


After a most horrific experience getting my car towed LESS than a mile from my home TO my home I was SINCERELY IMPRESSED with THIS COMPANY!! I was told they would be there in 60 to 75 minutes and after about 20 minutes I called the number this company left to correct the INCORRECT information my incompetent insurance company gave them. Not only had AUSTIN already picked my car up he was right outside with it!! This man used his brain and went ABOVE AND BEYOND!! THANK YOU AUSTIN AND SUBURBAN AUTO RECOVERY for doing your job WAY BETTER THAN EXPECTED!!! IF you all ever need a tow PLEASE give them and AUSTIN a call!!!!

Leslie Biddle

On 2/3/22 I was stuck in the snowstorm and needed to get out and take my kid to children's hospital. I was digging out my car when truck came out of nowhere, and said your stuck. I told him yeah he said he would help me. I am so grateful. I will use this company if I even need any tow service. Young guy was super friendly and I told him the other person was stuck so he got some extra business.

Melissa Delemos